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Characteristics of the Rebellious Youth in Japan, University of Michigan Noon Lecture (30 octobre 2014)

Je donnerai une conférence à l’université du Michigan dans le cadre des Noon Lecture du Centre d’études sur le Japon (Center for Japanese Studies).

Titre de l’intervention : Characteristics of the Rebellious Youth in Japan

Résumé :

The mobilization of Japanese youth has been a recent but decisive factor in strengthening the anti-poverty movement in Japan, which is one of the major Japanese social movements. It triggered major juridical reforms, such as the public assistance law or the temporary workers law. However, little is known about these young people.

By joining the Tokyo Youth Union, one of the major organizations that support the mobilization of young people, I gathered both qualitative and quantitative data regarding its members. I will present new findings concerning the characteristics of these young people and the process that leads to their mobilization.